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I'm Veronica Green. Author, Educator and Plant-Based Chef.

My philosophy is simple; Children who feel connected to the natural world will grow up wanting to protect it. 


I created a vegan superhero character, named Veggie Vero, as a way to empower children, through literature, to make conscious and compassionate food choices. Since then, the Veggie Vero brand has evolved into an entire series of books, children's cooking classes, workshops and mindfulness activities for children of all ages!

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"Compassion for your fellow human is easy. We must learn to extend our circle of compassion to include ALL living beings. Only then can we live in harmony with nature... and it all begins on the plate."

The Power of Community

By partnering with established community organizations, nonprofits and homeschool co-ops, Veggie Vero is able to bring compassion education through literature and plant-based programming to families at an affordable cost.

The Veggie Vero cook book is now available!

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