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Meet Veronica Green

Growing up in South Florida, I was never exposed to any type of mindful living. It wasn't until I discovered yoga that I began to understand the mind-body-soul connection. This naturally led to healthier food choices and overall consciousness about my own Eco-footprint. As my journey into mindful living unfolded, I came to understand that with every purchase made, we cast a vote about the type of world we want to see. Our food choices are incredibly impactful, not only to our health, but to our planet as well.  

I decided to write a children's book about a superhero who rescues animals and educates children about the benefits of a plant based diet. Thus, Veggie Vero was born! I've come a long way since publishing my first book. The Adventures of Veggie Vero is now a thriving series, which opens discussions among families looking to live healthier and more compassionate lives.  

In addition, I host weekly plant-based cooking classes and workshops for children at various community venues. I am a certified Nature-Based Educator through ERAFANS and a certificate holder of the Forks Over Knives plant-based culinary course. 

I'm passionate about empowering children with the knowledge that I wish I had at a younger age. Helping them make conscious food choices has infinite ripple effects. A more conscious generation means a kinder, greener and more compassionate future. Thanks so much for reading! Join my newsletter for updates on new books and upcoming events!

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